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Korea | Download a new 'COLOR-Q' program - Important

JKMG         0       1,542   23-03-07 10:10


We are sorry to inform you should download the new CCS (COLOR-Q) program for improved service.     


When you try to access the CCS program, you will get an error meesaage.     


Please download the new program for the improved service. Sorry for the incovenience. 


* Or you can download file at the "COLOR-Q category - How to use"     


Please uninstall the previous CCS program and download the attached file.     


After download the attached install file, run "setup.exe" file.     



※ Required check ColorQ program installation method 

Installation instructions

1. Right-click the ColorQ_Unintall.bat file that is included with the installation file and click "Run as Administrator".

2. A separate window will be executed, the deletion will proceed, and please wait until the window closes after deletion.

3. After the deletion window disappears, run and install the file "setup.exe" to use the program.

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