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Guide | HIQ | ME series (Candy Yellow, Candy Blue, Candy Green)

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HIQ | ME series (Candy Yellow, Candy Blue, Candy Green)


Candy blue/ yellow toner in automotive refinishing paint possesses several characteristic features that distinguish it from conventional paint types. Here are some key characteristics of candy blue/ yellow toner.


1. Translucency: Candy blue/ yellow toner is highly translucent, meaning it is partially see-through. This characteristic allows it to interact with the underlying layers, such as the metallic or pearl basecoat, to create depth and richness in color.


2. Vibrant and Glossy: Candy blue/ yellow toner is known for producing exceptionally vibrant and glossy finishes. Its translucent nature reflects light, making the color appear deep and lustrous.


3. Color Depth: Candy toners are formulated with special pigments that provide intense color depth. This means that the more coats of candy blue/ yellow toner you apply, the richer and deeper the blue/ yellow color becomes.


4. Layered Application: Achieving the desired candy blue/ yellow effect often requires multiple coats of candy toner. Each additional layer intensifies the color, giving the finish a multi-dimensional appearance.


5. Clearcoat Compatibility: Candy toners are typically used in combination with clearcoats. The clearcoat enhances the candy effect, adds protection, and further contributes to the glossy finish.


Candy blue/ yellow toner is prized for its ability to create stunning, translucent, and multi-dimensional blue/ yellow finishes on vehicles. Its distinctive characteristics make it a popular choice for custom and high-end automotive paint jobs, where achieving a truly unique and vibrant color is essential.





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